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Welcome to Astral Acuity, where elevated coaching and consulting take your performance to the next level. 

I'm Hollie McKitrick, a retired corporate executive with 25 years experience in banking, lending, learning, leadership development, performance management, and coaching. Astral Acuity is a boutique consultancy, founded for the sole purpose of helping ambitious professionals step-up their performance and achieve goals with greater clarity, satisfaction, and accountability. I offer unique, highly customized, coaching and consulting services that:

  • Set clear, measurable, prioritized goals

  • Cut through distractions and competing obligations

  • Inspire you act on the best ideas, methods, and strategies

  • Leverage traditional and progressive techniques, to get a leg-up on the competition

In addition to executive coaching, performance improvement, and corporate business consulting, I offer Astral Coaching services. Astral Coaching augments the aforementioned services with astrological insights.  This specialized approach delivers deeply personalized development and performance recommendations.  As a 30+ year student and practitioner, I can attest to the catalyst effect that astrology provides when combined with traditional business techniques. 

NOTE: My services do not include stand-alone Astrological Consultations. I integrate Western Astrology, if desired, into individual and business performance planning.

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