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May 15-16, 2022 - Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: Something somber this way comes...

The time of and around the monthly Full Moon brings conclusion, fulfillment and harvest from works initiated during the New Moon.

In finance and real estate, we can see cycles and data that reveal common patterns. In the case of the Full Moon, that typically includes:

  • Profit taking from investments (often aligned with a downward trend in market performance)

  • Emphasis on business and real estate closings (vs. listings)

  • End of employment (voluntary and non)

  • Property and business closures and transfers

  • Increased risk appetites (compared to balanced risk during New Moon)

Depending on your lens (and personal bias) you can look at the list above with a sense of despair or with a sense of balance. While there are few things that people seem to agree upon these days but, there is no denying that everything has an end. By simply accepting that endings are part of every cycle of life (and for the purposes of this post, BUSINESS) you start to embrace the ebb and flow of your situation. The Full Moon we’re in an exaggerated state of flow.

You can feel and see the energy, urgency, emotion and, with a Full Moon eclipsed in the sign of Scorpio, we must add desire to this list. Pay attention to your family, your teammates, and customers.

  • What do they desire from you?

  • How can you show your loyalty and commitment?

  • What must you transform in order to find a sense of meaning and truth?

  • Where are you locked into power struggles?

  • What are you willing to release for the greater good?

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