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Overall I would highly recommend engaging with Hollie to review how your past, present, and planned future can be best understood to help set you and your life up for success.  Hollie's life impact on me stems from over a decade of relationships. I had always heard about Hollie's ability to work with someone to review their "chart", but never invested personally in the effort.  Recently I asked during a connect to move forward with this process and immediately it was apparent that the information discussed was spot on relative for who I was both personally and professionally.

     -  From a personal perspective Hollie's information aligned to a feeling I always had in my heart...I had always felt there was something I didn't know about my parents. Hollie shared some insight that I had not received fully honest detail from my mother.  With this additional push I decided to have a sincere conversation with my mother (in which she did confirm Hollie's insight).  While this could be very impactful for some, for me it was a moment that allowed me to accept and move forward while confirming a long time feeling.

      - From a business perspective Hollie's granular detail includes not only how my style impacts my effort and productivity, but also how to align the timing of choices being made.  As we know most events result in positive or negative just based on timing alone.  Reviewing my chart with Hollie provided another level of support to move forward with a new business opportunity that resulted in a highly successful outcome. 

Brian R.  Charlotte, NC

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